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It is a way of challenging officer’s decision on an application. There are certain rules set out by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, to assure that every individual is given equal opportunity to make Canada as their new destination.

If an application is refused, you can appeal the officer’s decision in Immigration Appeal Division.

Some of the common examples of appeal include, but not limited to

Appeal for Residency obligations- Permanent resident of Canada, does not meet the minimum residency requirement of 730 days in Canada, within their 5 years period.

Appeals for family class sponsorship applications

Appeal for removal order issued against a Permanent Resident, refugee or a protected person

The decision of IAD varies depend on the situation. The officer has discretion to consider Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds to overturn the regulation.

Application is assessed based on the education and official language proficiency.

Applicant can apply for Permanent Residence after 24 months of work experience in NOC 4411 and 4412. They do not have to be employed when applying for permanent residence. Experience does not need to be continuous, it can be with gaps, however it should add up to 24 months.

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