Spousal and Family Sponsorship Manitoba

Family reunification is the pillar of Canadian Immigration. Policies of Canada’s Immigration system support family reunification, permitting established permanent residents or Canadian citizens and temporary (such as students, workers) to reunite with their family members, bringing them to Canada.

We deal with all kinds of Manitoba family sponsorship programs, to bring your loved ones to Canada, and help them getting permanent residence.

Family members can either be sponsored under Spouse Sponsorship with or without Children, living inside or outside Canada. This program is especially for Spouses/ Common Law/ conjugal partners or children.

For settlement of parents, every year Canada welcomes thousands of parents to settle permanently in Canada. Manitoba family sponsorship program, allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents after meeting certain income requirements for past three years, to demonstrate their ability to support their parents.

Manitoba family sponsorship program involves the assessing of both sponsor as well as applicants. For Spousal Sponsorship In Manitoba, which involves Spouse or dependent children, Sponsor do not need to meet the income requirements, as required in parent’s sponsorship program. Applicants are assessed based on certain admissibility criteria for Canada.

Manitoba Spousal sponsorship applications are assessed for genuine relationship, so that relationship is not just for attaining immigration status in Canada. Documentation and presentation of relationship evidences is the most important part for the positive decision of Sponsorship application.  The length of undertaking varies from 3- 20 years depending upon the type of sponsorship. Canadian immigration has set out further sponsorship bar for Spousal sponsorship category, of 3 years for sponsors and 5 years for applicant.

Manitoba Family sponsorship programs also allow sponsors to invite their blood relative such as brother, sister to settle permanently in Canada through MPNP.

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