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H & C

Humanitarian and compassionate is the way of getting exemption to apply for permanent residence in Canada, those who are not eligible to apply under any immigration program. It is for some exceptional circumstances which cannot be dealt as normal cases. H&C provides the flexibility to grant permanent residence status, in cases in which there are convincing grounds under A25 and A25.1 of the IRPA. Applicants can make submissions on facts affecting their personal circumstances that they believe are pertinent to their request for H&C consideration.Humanitarian applications are assessed depending upon the situation of particular applicant. Some factors such as establishment of family members and ties in Canada; best interest of children involved or the consequences of negative decision.

Rules for applying Humanitarian and compassionate applications

  • Humanitarian and compassionate considerations can be applied for permanent residence applications in Canada
  • Only one application can be applied at a time.
  • Applicants with pending refugee claim cannot apply for humanitarian and compassionate considerations.
  • Applicants with negative decision from Immigration Refugee Board cannot apply for humanitarian consideration within 12 months of negative decision.
  • Designated foreign national can apply after 5 years have passed from the day you became designated foreign national.
  • Applicants with removal order can apply for humanitarian and compassionate consideration; however, it would not prevent the removal order.

There are significant factors such as economic and cultural establishment on which the Inland H&C applications are based. It may take years to process H&C applications and there are very limited chances of approval. Also, there is no right to appeal if H&C application is refused. One can go for Judicial Review in the federal court of Canada.

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