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Procedural Fairness:

Procedural Fairness

Decision making officers are required to follow certain procedure going through the steps while making decision an application.

Steps are followed to ensure that

  • Decision- made is fair and unbiased
  • Applicant is informed of the reasons involved
  • Applicant should be given an opportunity to address the concerns

Before making the negative decision of an application, officer issue a procedural fairness letterto give an opportunity to the applicant, stating the concerns that leading to the negative decision of an application. Certain time frame is mentioned, during which applicant’s response needs to be submitted.

If you get Procedural fairness letter for any kind of application such as Sponsorship or Economic class, concerns can be related to:

  • Relationship
  • Sponsor’s Eligibility
  • Work Experience
  • Misrepresentation
  • Criminality or Security grounds
  • Education
  • Medical Grounds

You must present strong arguments explaining the raised concerns, to get positive decision of the application. This is an opportunity that you get only once, you would not get second chance to explain before refusal of an application. If you are in such situation, get professional help who would explain the concerns on your behalf. Sometimes applicant chooses to respond on their own, improper response may lead to negative outcomeof an application.

Sometimes, application may also be refused along with Inadmissibility banning the applicant for 5 years based on misrepresentation.

To get professional help with Procedural fairness letter, you can contact World Gateway Immigration.

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