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Provincial Nomination Programs

The Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) allows provinces to nominate individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and who are interested in settling in a particular province. Provincial Nomination is an important fast-track option for Canadian Permanent Residency. Each Canadian province and territory have their own unique Provincial Nomination Programs (except Quebec and Nunavut). Provincial and territorial governments have been using these programs to more effectively and efficiently welcome newcomers to their region. Each PNP is tailored to the province’s/territory’s specific needs to select nominees who will be able to settle into life and work in the region and to effectively contribute to the community.

Manitoba Family sponsorship programs also allow sponsors to invite their blood relative such as brother, sister to settle permanently in Canada through MPNP.

Manitoba PNP

Manitoba is the first province of Canada, having its own immigration program. MPNP is based on labour market needs. Candidates having skills are nominated for permanent residence based on the needs of the employers in Manitoba. Manitoba’s provincial nominee program are categorised as:

International Education Stream (IES): This is the fast pathway for international students graduating in Manitoba and filling the demands of Manitoba employer.

The career employment pathway is faster process for nomination; candidates find the employment opportunity relating to their field of study. After completion of studies, candidates can directly apply for nomination with job offer.

Through Graduate Internship Pathway, candidates can apply without job, after completion of masters or doctoral studies in Manitoba and completing an internship with Mitacs in Manitoba.

International Student Entrepreneur Pilot encourages students to pursue entrepreneurship after graduating from Manitoba. Applicant can be nominated for permanent residence once the conditions for Business Performance Agreement are met.

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