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Refugees and Asylum

Refugees and Asylum

Canada provides protection to people in Canada who have fear of harassment or who would be in danger if they leave Canada or return back to their country. Some dangers include

Refugees and asylum

  • torture
  • risk to the life
  • risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment

If someone if facing risks going back to the home country or the country of residence, that person might able to seek protection in Canada as a refugee.

One can claim refugee protection in Canada, if they do not have removal order against them. Person entering Canada from the U.S. at a land port of entry, can’t make a refugee claim in Canada under Safe Third Country Agreement (but there could be an exception).

Sponsor a refugee

Under the Private Sponsorship of Refugee program, private groups to support a refugee for the period of up to 1 year which include start-up costs, monthly costs for basic necessities such as house, food and transportation and supporting them socially and emotionally.

To sponsor a refugee, you must be part of one of the following groups in Canada:

  • Sponsorship agreement holders (SAH)
  • Groups of Five are groups of 5 or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents who sponsor refugees to settle in their communities
  • Community Sponsors

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