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Study Visa

Study Visa

Every year, thousands of Students from around the world choose Canada as their destination. Canada is a beautiful and affordable place to enjoy the standard of Canadian lifestyle. Canada is an advanced and friendly country. Canadian society is a multicultural society with two official languages i.e. English and French and proud of its diversity. There are lot of things you will learn and love about Canada as it is a land of endless possibilities. Canadian Education is recognised worldwide and opens the door to employment and business prospects after you finish your studies. Students bring their families to Canada and settle making it a new home. At present, Canada rank no. 1 among all nations for providing quality of life.

In order to study which is more than 6 months duration in Canadian Designated Learning Institutes, you must apply for a study permit. You can study in Canada without study permit if your duration of study is less than 6 months. Students from Visa exempt country need eta to travel to Canada. Students get their study permit at the port of entry when they arrive in Canada. Also, you need not have a proof of your financial support which includes your tuition fee, living expenses, lodging and boarding etc.

The Designated learning Institutes have well developed infrastructure providing high class laboratory for practical experience. In Canada, your spouse can also get an open work permit while you are studying in Canada. The Designated Learning Institutes have diverse range of programs and study options which include but not limited to Diplomas, Advance Diplomas, Bachelor and Master Degrees, Certificate programs and after completion of these programs you are eligible to get Post Study work permit to get hands on experience.

During student visa, studying post-secondary education in any Designated Learning Institute students are eligible to work part time for 20 hours during the course of their studies. Students can earn and explore options for their future placements in Canada. After successful completion of education, students can get Post graduation work permit depending upon the duration of their studies.

Universities and colleges in Manitoba are recognised internationally. In Manitoba, eight public institutes and four community institutes deliver post-secondary Education. Most of the institutes are located in Manitoba capital region- Winnipeg. After completion of their studies, Colleges help their graduates to find placements relating to their field. To permanently settle in Manitoba, international students can apply through Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

We can help you to choose the best institute of your field of interest, for Student visa and permanently settle in Canada.

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