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Canada is a dream destination for many workers seeking employment opportunities. The strong and diverse economy of Canada offers high-standard of workplace safety, competitive wages, and opportunities for professional growth overall development of workers.Work permit is an authorization allowing foreign national to work in Canada legally. If you are planning to work in Canada you need to apply for work permit and it depend upon the type of work you will do in Canada. There are different types of Work permits depending upon your eligibility, country of residence/ citizenship when you apply for work permit. You must meet the basic eligibility requirements by proving the visa officer that you obey the law and have no criminal record; your employer is not listed in “ineligible” on the list of employers who fail to conform to the conditions. Also, the eligibility requirements might differ depending upon whether you are outside Canada or Inside Canada.

As a temporary worker, there are two types of Work permits you can be eligible for:

  • An Open Work Permit that makes you eligible to work for any employer, this includes but not limited to International students graduated from DLI, spouse or common-law partner of someone who is on study permit or Work permit or a family member of someone who applied for Permanent residence, a refugee, refugee claimant etc.
  • Employer specific work permit– You can work only as per the details mentioned on your Work permit that is specific Employer, specific place and how long you can work.

Spouses Work permit

  • Spousal Work permit- Spouses of students and work permit holders are eligible to get Open Work permit to work in Canada, under international mobility program.
  • Spouse of a study permit holder can get open work permit till the validity of study permit of international student.
  • Spouse of work permit holder, working in NOC O, A, B position, can get Open Work permit to the validity of work permit of principal foreign worker.
  • Spouse of a PNP holder, working in any NOC level can get open work permit to the validity of work permit of principal foreign worker.

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