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World Gateway Immigration is a combination of highly motivated and intellectual professionals with an immense knowledge & expertise in the field of Immigration Practice. With an excellent, concerted and diversified knowledge in Canadian immigration matters, having assisted a wide spectrum of immigration seekers from various parts of the world, Alliance indeed is a team of professionals that can help you realize your Canadian dream, realistically.

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  • First of all I would like to thank Mr. Kainth and his team for their excellent service and hard work towards my PR application. Your services surpassed all my expectations and I highly recommend your company to anyone looking for immigration assistance. Simply very professional, knowledgeable, honest and efficient. Keep up the excellent work.
  • Harpreet Singh
    It is an excellent firm. They try to understand the Pain of the person where client is hopeless. Mr. Zora Kainth is the best immigration consultant in Winnipeg. All the employees are very nice and kind in nature. They are very hard-working and always remind me about the progress of my file as early as possible and made me aware of the required actions. My Status is restored to Work Permit just because of such hard working team at World Gateway Immigration.
    Harpreet Singh
  • Gagan Kaur
    I used World Gateway Immigration's services for Spousal Visa and my husband was able to get his visa within 95 days. Its all because of there excellent paper work . They were very efficient in their service. Highly recommend. Must see them !!
    Gagan Kaur
  • Jagdeep Singh
    I had a great experience and good service. I recommend Zora Kainth for services.
    Jagdeep Singh
  • Nilesh Bavlecha
    I want to describe a wonderful experience of working with WORLD GATEWAY IMMIGRATION . I am a student in Canada and applied with their assistance for my spouse open work permit. I want to mention that my case was extremely difficult. We did not have any hope anymore and decided to hired Mr. Zora Kainaith. It was a really right decision. They provided an excellent service for fair money. Today, we received a work permit. I would like to thanks a lot for wonderful professional services. I have never felt frustration communicating to them and quickly received responses to all my inquiries (and it was a lot of them). All in all, I would advise to use a professional help. Remember, there is always something that can be done in any situation. I would like to restate my strong recommendation for WORLD GATEWAY IMMIGRATION for best services. Thanks a lot Mr. Zora Kainaith and his team.!!!
    Nilesh Bavlecha
  • Sapna Thakur
    Great! Experience I can not even think people like this kind exist in this planet. My Manitoba PNP case was impossible and I did not have much money to pay for help. Someone give me advise you to see this company and Mr.Kainth is help me lot during the process.Finally I have received my Pnp. Mr. Kainth is a great human being who is always willing to help others.Millions stars to this company.
    Sapna Thakur
  • Naginder Gill
    I applied my work permit application from them their are knowledgeable and commited people in immigration sector.
    Naginder Gill
  • Preston King
    My family immigration case was extremely hard. One good friend of mine recommended me to visit World Gateway immigration,I called their office and get appointment with Mr.Kainth. At the appointment I met Mr. Zora Kainth and he did listen me properly and give me various option to immigrate to Canada. I have retained their services right of way. In less than 7 months I have received my PR of Canada. I do recommed their services for all immigration issues. Meet Mr. Kainth first before going anywhere.
    Preston King
  • Siddharth Ganatra
    I was in a very tough position & had a few or almost no choices but then i contacted world gateway immigration & Mr Zora & his staff efficiently handled my case & now I have my immigration done. Keep up the good work & I will definitely recommend this company for any immigration needs.
    Siddharth Ganatra
  • Ashwini Kadlag
    Zora and his company has helped me to get my PNP and permanent residence. Zora and his whole team are very professional, helpful and friendly. I am going to apply for my family’s visa through Mr. Kainth. I would definitely recommend World Gateway immigration company to everyone who wants to apply or have any concerns/doubts about visa/permits or immigration applications. Just give them a call and they will help you for sure. Zora and his whole team are very knowledgeable, hardworking and trustworthy. Thank you so much Zora and your whole team for all the help and support. They provide the best service. My best wishes to the company and you all are doing a fantastic job. Thank you.
    Ashwini Kadlag
  • Megha Patel
    Zora sir provides a best immigration service in winnipeg...he is the best immigration lowyer. Thankful to him and his entire team throughout my PR application. keep up the good work..great experience 👍
    Megha Patel
  • Shahbaz Mazhar
    Zora kainth and his company has helped me to get my PNP and permanent residence. Zora and his whole team are very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend World Gateway immigration company to everyone who wants to apply for visa,permits or immigration applications.Thank you 😊😊
    Shahbaz Mazhar
  • Trudy Lukwesa
    From the time Zora and the staff started working on my papers have seen how fast they work ,I really appreciate so much because without them I would have just given up.it was not easy for me.Am just encouraging every one out there if you have any issue to do with your PR,Work Permits etc ,Give them a call there the best in Winnipeg to solve all your problems.Believe me have seen how hard working these guys are!!there just awesome am talking from experience.Thanks so much for your help how keep telling all my new students friends and family about WORLD GATEWAY IMMIGRATION because you just the BEST OF ALL ,I wish I was a millionaire to give you more money for the good job you are doing in WINIPEG CANADA more especially new comers,international students just to mention the few.Thanks continue working hard people needs you ZORA AND YOUR STAFF.Thanks once gain.
    Trudy Lukwesa
  • Partap Virk
    Right word for this company is honest. I was on work permit and it was expiring soon and I do require another 2 months to apply for PNP. After visiting some immigration consultant and I hired this company for my work permit and PNP. They did fantastic job and I have received and my work permit as well as PNP Thank you World Gateway immigration
    Partap Virk